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Are you being blackmailed, either a boy or a girl it doesnt depends upon gender but today we are going to talk about if girls can also blackmail.

So yes it is possible that girls also blackmail
not all girls but few so girls specially dont get offended
taking views from my personal experience i was being blackmailed one year ago from a girl and it was so brutual that  i used to burst out with so much anger and tears

Attraction in teen age is considered as love in teenagers, but it is actually just attraction that ends after a particular time

I was also a part of this love when i was in 10th class and i thought that i got my life partner.

But after 2 years of relationship i realised that it was just a conversation not love.

And i thought of telling her that now i dont want to ruin the time and concentrate on my studies as it was my boards this year.
i told her but she denied to breakup .
i tried so many time to make her understand what i understood but as she was still in teen age so her mind denied to understand the actual meaning of love

now here starts the story of blackmailing

I was left with no option other than blocking her with anger that she starts hating me and never thinks of me again.

But it turned to blackmail game, she started messaging me on gmail, instagram, and many more apps that she will call my mom and tell her everything , she will send our private kissing images to my sister and make a complaint of abusing her to my father

I was scared and i tried to talk to her and resolve every problem

but all she wanted is relationship
but that time all what i can see in her eyes was toxicity

i didnt wanted a relationship now

and i took a decision to tell my parents everything, i described them each and every thing of those 2 years.
my parents thanked me and said they will take care of me in this matter

 so the conclusion is that girls also blackmail
and there is no one who can love us more than our parents
so take  care of urself
and stay happy
take help from ur parents whenever u feel sad..................

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